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Welcome to Coco Alpacas and to our online shop where we have a range of beautifully warm, soft accessories made from alpaca wool. We have socks for both outdoor and everyday wear, stylish hats, gloves, scarves, throws and knitting yarns. All of our alpaca knitwear is either made from the wool of our alpacas or from UK suppliers.

As well as the online shop we do the farmer’s market in Ludlow and various shows throughtout the year of which all the dates will be on our Events page.  

Alpaca wool is called ‘The Fibre of the Gods’. It is a soft, durable luxurious fibre which is as fine as cashmere and second in strength to silk. Among its many attributes it has no lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic and also has a non prickly factor which makes the garments suitable for everyone even for those who are allergic to ordinary wool.


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