November 2015

Shop Opening Saturday 14th November 2015!

The past few weeks have been gathering pace as I prepare for the grand opening of the Coco Alpacas shop – I’m just a couple of weeks away from this very exciting new enterprise.

It’s been my lifelong ambition to own a shop selling high quality yarn and I’m so excited that it’s finally happening. It’s a lovely thought that more and more local people will be wearing my alpaca wool accessories or knitting themselves beautiful sweaters and cosy hats and scarves for the winter months.

I was hoping to open on the first Saturday of November but have moved the date to the following Saturday, November 14th to accommodate a few minor delays, and I’m now planning the final details for the big launch.

Do come along on the day if you can – two of my alpacas will be on show in the Square in Church Stretton High Street, just over the road from the shop which is at 9, High Street. So you can see exactly where our fabulously soft and luxurious fibre comes from! You can also explore our Aladdin’s cave of lovely knitwear and creative gift ideas just in time for Christmas.

We produce a lovely range of hand knitted hats, scarves, shawls, snoods, wristwarmers and mittens as well as hand-woven throws and scarves. All these items will be for sale alongside an array of gifts, knitting accessories and craft books.

The shop will be a paradise for knitters and crafters. As well as our own Coco Alpacas wool there will be a good selection of quality blended yarns made from combinations of merino, silk, alpaca, corriedale and cotton.

The animals will be on show from 10am, when the shop opens, until 1pm (three hours of excitement will be plenty for them) – and then I’ll be taking them back home so that they can chill out.

I’ll be running a little competition in the shop and the prize will be a hand knitted alpaca hat, scarf or pair of mittens for the lucky winner. It’s free of charge to enter so don’t miss your chance to take part.

If you can’t make it on our opening day, we will be open from 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday, and the competition will run throughout the whole of November.

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people in the next few weeks and months and I’m thrilled that this new chapter of my life is now beginning.

I hope to see you soon in Church Stretton.